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Everything you need.
And nothing you don’t.


Poncho was created to
do things differently.

Somewhere along the way, someone decided that fishing shirts should fit like trash bags. They put too much stuff on them and in them. Everyone else followed. We wanted to be different. And better. So we set out on a journey to make our own. Breathable, lightweight and simple. No cargo-short pockets on your chest. No velcro. No jamming every sized person into a single fit. Just a high quality shirt. That fits. In every way. Oh, and we decided to change the way fishing shirts are sold so that we can offer the best product, to all people, at all times, at a remarkable value.

Our Name

We’re Poncho because we’re making simple gear that works. No frills. No gimmicks.

Want to dig a little deeper? Poncho is also a nod to what matters most to us - wild places. St. Francisco, whose Spanish nickname is “Poncho," is the patron saint of animals, ecology and conservation. He was also a notorious party animal. He eventually cleaned up his act and fell in love with the outdoors and animals - of the non-partying type. He loved these things so much that he devoted his life to protecting them. We're on a mission to do some of the same.

Open water. Open range. Public lands. Abundant wildlife. These are some of the things we love, and we want more of them.

Our Future

Today, we're making one thing. Someday, we might make another thing. When we do, you can be sure we’ll make it as well as we made this shirt, that it will be obsessively designed, and built to last. We’ll put a little bit of this shirt into everything we do – so you know that everything Poncho makes, fits, in every way.

Expand Wild Places

It’s a big idea. But it doesn’t belong to us. We all belong to it – one interconnected system that could use a little help from the people who know it best and love it most. All of us. We’re just getting started on this journey to expand wild places. Here is what we have done so far:
Our partner mill achieved the rigorous Bluesign environmental standard. Poncho fabric consumes dramatically less water and uses only non-toxic dyes
Our materials cost more than normal, but they are highly durable. The Poncho shirt supports our philosophy of buying fewer, better things to reduce environmental impact and reduce waste
We’ll never use our support of conservation as a means to sell you more product. We’re focused on conservation because we care. Look for more to come soon

Meet the Founder

From growing up fishing stock tanks in Texas, to working as a professional fly fishing guide in Alaska, Clay was always wondering – where are the fish? And where is the good-fitting, great-performing, fairly-priced gear? He started Poncho to deliver it.

"The Poncho journey is starting with a fishing shirt, but it has only just begun. We're guided by an entirely new vision - simple gear that works. Made for people who love the outdoors. By a team of people who love the outdoors."